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So I cleaned here a bit.

Hi thar, wonder if someone missed me 8D

I'm not very active, I know I suck.

Anyway, I tweaked my layout a little (because I’m insane perfectionist, I can’t help it…), now it’s almost the way I want it to be. I also added a link to my second tumblr blog, for some reason I totally forgot about linking that one (even if I use it more than this one).

So yeah, I also added links to full pictures under my post, figured that it could be helpful for people to find full version of my artworks quickly. Obviously, not all of the artworks have full versions, so I will link them when I post them online. If I post them, me and my laziness 8D

What else.. well, I hope to post something more, I still draw, just never have time to post.

I really want to make Sanctuary and Sherlock fanarts :x