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pasquey whispered:

Hi! I really loved your recent brainwashed Bucky drawing. I was wondering where you got the references for the mind control machine? I've been staring intensely at movie gifs, but having a hard time seeing the details.. Anyways, if you still remember where, I'd be really grateful!

Hello! And thank you, I’m glad you like that Bucky picture!

As for the machine, I used some screen shots from the movie itself (in bad quality, unfortunately, as there is only a low quality version out there) and some gifs found here on tumblr, but the only things that are more or less accurate with the machine form the movie, are the circle-like shape and the general shape of the piece that goes on his head (though, it actually goes over his eye, more on his face, I changed it a bit for artistic reasons 8D). But the details are all made up, I just keep adding to the general shape some random-machine-parts-that-look-good. Also I added all those wires because, yeah, they look good. They remind me of either ribbons or some bizarre tentacles, and I like that a little bit disturbing feeling. I may have been inspired by Msamune Shirow’s “Ghost in the Shell”, because, yeah, cyborgs

So, for the actual good references we will have to wait for the Blu-ray release 8D

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lilacblossoms whispered:

noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo /lies down and sobs forever

Haha, well… thank you, I guess :D?

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Start over…
Done in 07.2014

This took me so long to finish, but finally! It’s done!

Bucky Barnes from MCU, my beloved brainwashed assassin

I'm still pretty much not over him and it has been months since the movie came out, and I know that at least half of the tumblr are in the same situation as me - still hopelessly drowning in the overwhelming ocean of feels that is Bucky Barnes life story.

I said it once before, this is Loki kind of tumblr-crazy, and that is really something.

Yeah, I love Bucky Also, the metal arm, let’s not forget the arm. That shit is just plain awesome.

Please enjoy

P.S.: My wrist is much better btw, so I will be opening commissions soon. Also, I’m planing to make a tutorial from this picture, so, stay tuned =D

Click on the pic to go to the DeviantART page with the bigger version or, if the link on the picture doesn’t work, click here: [ MCU - Start over…]
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Thank you everyone for all the notes on my latest little picture with Bucky, even if i’m so embarrassed since it’s a work-in-progress pic.

The good news is I did finish this picture, so I will be posting it soon. I also saved a lot of progress shots so I was thinking of doing a mini tutorial/step-by-step thingie. I just need to figure out how to make a proper gif.

Also, HI to my new followers!

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luckyraeve replied to your photo “Start over… - WIP 03 Done in 07.2014 Yes, I’m still working on this…”
I am crazy excited to see this finished, you have no idea!!!

To be honest… me too 8D

I'm just so slow and easily distracted it will take a little longer…

But thank you! ~~

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Start over… - WIP 03
Done in 07.2014

Yes, I’m still working on this picture

I probably would have finished it sooner if I hadn’t spent so much time on the details of the arm, but… I love that wonderful piece of metal so much

Also, my wrist is much better now, so after I finish this I will probably open commissions again :>

P.S.: The finished version is here: [ MCU - Start over…]

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exploit-my-savagery whispered:

Your art is beautiful!! I would love to see more Bucky if you ever feel like drawing him again! =)

Hey! And thank you!

Oh, my, I’d love to draw as much Bucky as possible (I love him so much ), I’m a very slow artist though… But I’ll definitely finish at least that one picture I’m currently working on… and then we’ll see

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buckybuns whispered:

ahh your art is beautiful! love the latest piece of yours. it's impressive ;;

Thank you so much!

If you’re referring to the “Start over…” Bucky picture, it’s actually still unfinished, but I’m glad you like it! 

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thepeacefulknight whispered:

Friendly reminder that your drawings and art style are amazing! I'm a big fan uwu

Thank you!