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Easter Bucky - lineart
Done in 04.2014

A bit late Happy Easter picture

It’s an Easter Raccoon. He’s kinda like Easter Bunny, but more brainwashed and deadly.

Yeah, I know it’s a chibified pic, but his outfit is still about 95% movie-accurate. I researched it. I researched it a lot. I even got the soles of his boots right. Yes. Yes he’s leaving an ‘X’ marked boot-tracks. He’s badass like that.

Also. Don’t touch his Captain America Chocolate Easter Egg. He has a knife. And he’ll stab you with it. In your face.

but I hope you’ll still like his little, brainwashed self :>

Click on the pic to go to the DeviantART page with the full version or, if the link on the picture doesn’t work, click here: [ MCU - Easter Bucky - lineart ]
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Oh look! I’m actually answering my asks, omg, the world is ending!

(sorry to everyone who was waiting for an answer, i suck at this, I know D: )

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bucky-heichou whispered:

I saw your Snk art and jesus christ, is awesome, i really love it, what are your snk otp's?

Thank you! I’m glad you like it!

Eren/Jean - this one is my favorite

And Eruri is always nice.

And JeanMarco, and YumiKuri, and ReiBert, and Annie/Mikasa, and Sasha/Connie, there are actually a lot of ships I like but E/J and Eruri would be my top most liked, so those would be my OTPs :>

But I’m a multishiper generally so, yeah, whatever, throw pretty boys and ladies at me, I don’t care, I’ll ship them 8D

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Anonymous whispered:

your lineart is pretty good... do you have tips about how to make great lineart and then colour keepin it?

Thank you! I’m glad you like my drawings!

And for the linearts… it’s mostly patience? I spend a lot of time on my liearts, perfecting every detail. I also work on a big zoom, so there’s that. And I have a good tablet, so that helps :D

But it’s mostly just practice, doing the same thing over and over again :>

Unless you meant something specific, then ask! :>

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naturallyhetalian whispered:

I'm just wondering, how do you do the drawing in your rusame pics? I can blend and all that but I've just started.

Could you tell me which picture specifically?

Because I’ve changed the way I color during the years so… hard to tell which one you like :>

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Anonymous whispered:

Amazing ErenJean drawing :-) What do You think about ErwinJean ?

guilty pleasure ~~

And thank you! :>

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Start over… - WIP 02
Done in 04.2014

Another work in progress.

The lineart is almost done, but it’s taking time…

but I might actually finish it :D

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Start over… - WIP 01
Done in 04.2014

I would like to announce that I am indeed alive. Busy but alive.

I'm also drawing pretty brainwashed cyborgs, so all is well.

now let’s pray that I’ll actually finish this 8D.

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My gardens
Done in 01.2014

These three pictures were done for school and I really like them so I decided to post them here.

The subject was simply “My gardens” and the rest was up to us, so this is what I came up with.

I'm really satisfied and my professor also liked them.

I hope you will to

Bigger versions at my DeviantART:

[ - My gardens - v1 ] [ - My gardens - v2 ] [ - My gardens - v3 ]

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Alath’s happy cooking adventures! (As in real cooking, not ‘cooking’ cooking, if you know what I mean)

So… after watching… the gazillion awkward breakfasts on Breaking Bad, I decided that I want to try some pancakes. I never tried them before and when you watch so many TV series as I do, you start thinking “Hey! They all eat them like, all the time. Everybody from Vampires to meth cooks. I want one. A pancake, not the meth cook… well… then again… no, OK, no meth cooks today, just pancakes.”


I suck at cooking, so this was a challenge. Buying a maple syrup was no easy task either (and was quite expensive). But! I was successful!

Well… not completely, since I used a wrong pan and they… weren’t exactly as round as they were supposed to… more like squished with all the burdens of life, but hey! They were tasty! So I guess that’s good.

Although, they are really sweet so I’m not sure how can you eat them for breakfast and not feel sugar in your mouth for the whole day afterwards 8D